Andrea Skitch MSW RSW
Registered social worker

Hello! I'm happy you're here. Here's a bit about me.

  • Registered Social Worker with the OCSWSSW

  • Member of EMDR International Association

  • EMDR Certified

  • 8 years private practice experience

  • 13 years experience in the field (Children's Aid, Crisis Support, Healthcare)

  • Community speaker (postpartum, relationships)

I work from a holistic perspective. This means I take into account the mental, emotional, physical, and relational aspects of my clients' lives. I work closely with Integrative and Functional Medicine practitioners, and can refer clients to appropriate practitioners for added support when needed. Finally, I believe we are all doing our best in our circumstances, and sometimes we just need a comfortable space to reflect and work through things.

I'm very analytical and initiative, as my friends would agree, so it's great that I can put those attributes to good use. I feel honoured when people share their inner experiences with me, and I take that privilege very seriously.  I'm constantly excited by developments in the field of psychotherapy and trauma work, and I enjoy integrating new science into my work with clients. 

I love being a therapist, and sometimes I can't believe I get paid for it.


Why Psychotherapy?

Engaging in therapy will help you to uncover feelings and insights about life and the problems you’re facing, and increase awareness of your wants and needs. You will learn to trust your feelings and instincts more, find ways to operate in more genuine and authentic ways, and feel more confident in yourself both in knowing your limitations and your strengths.  You will feel empowered  to have the kind of relationships you want by increasing closeness and connection in your intimate relationships, and providing you with skills to comfortably assert your needs and find solutions to life’s challenges.

Why Social Work?

Social Workers are trained ‘helpers’.  We are regulated by the OCSWSSW and have ethical obligations to adhere to in order to protect the wellbeing of our clients. Social Workers are trained to see individuals and problems in a context.  The way we listen, and the questions we ask, formulate the whole picture from which a person comes from.  For example, a person’s family structure, culture, economics, religion, history, and environment create a story in which the person finds themselves.  Often, solutions to better living come from understanding this context, and identifying victorious moments a person has experienced within it.

Contact Andrea for an initial conversation at (416) 550-5101.

Andrea is now seeing clients at the beautiful Ohana Wellness Clinic in Bloor West Village! You can view the online booking options at ohanawellnessclinic.com. Please call the clinic to book your first appointment.